Radiators come in different specifications for different applications like generators, trucks, industrial marine, etc. Which differ due to the cooling efficiency required for engines. 
We provide Services & Repair, Recore and New Manufacture of Radiators, as per original specifications or as per customer requirements. 


Plastic Tank Radiators

Plastic tank Aluminum Core radiators specially used for cars as they are light and economical, We Service, Supply PTR Radiators as per Original Specifications for all types of cars, trucks, and generators.

( Application: Marine, Industrial Engine )
We provide Service and Repair For Engine Cooling Elements for the Following
⦁    Charge Air Cooler.
⦁    Expansion Tank with Heat Exchangers.
⦁    Turbo Charger
⦁    Exhaust Manifolds
⦁    After Coolers
⦁    Engine Oil Coolers
⦁    Transmission Oil Coolers
⦁    Gear Box Oil Coolers

Engine Cooling Elements